Wednesday, June 29, 2011

-NEW- RECORDS FOR SALE! and one old one.

Suffering Mind / Neon Hole split 7" - choose from clear (ed of 150), clear + blue (ed of 300), or blue mix (ed of 300). #BO105, Bovine Records release. Suffering Mind cranks out four tracks of blistering top-notch grind, and Neon Hole weighs in with two tracks of completely crushing doom-grinding fury.

Archagathus / Onanizer split 7" - dark swirl vinyl. #BO103, PanDelMuerte release, Bovine co-press. Arch carves out 3 more tracks of their trademark RAW MINCE, while Onanizer spews forth 7 blasting grinds on the flip.

Neon Hole / Unholy Grave split 7" - red+white vinyl repress with cloth covers. #BO102, Beer Demon release, Bovine co-press. Neon Hole's first release, repressed with awesome packaging and a diff color cover + vinyl. Japan's Unholy Grave grinds the flipside. LIMITED REPRESS. Get yours now. (no wholesale on this one...)

Thug / Greenmachine split 7" - some blue vinyl and grey vinyl copies left, otherwise black when the color runs out. #BO44, new old stock I still have a bunch of. Thug is my old band, 3 tracks of pulverizing grind-noise-violence, and Greenmachine is killer Japanese stoner-doom-sludge with 3 tracks on the flip.


7" records are $6 ppd for one 7" in USA.
$11 for any 2 7"s, ppd in USA.
$15 for any three (+$5 for each additional), pdd in USA.

Paypal, money order or conceal ca$h. E-mail for orders or wholesale or questions.

Overseas orders = $5 per 7", plus shipping method/ cost of your choice.

Cover + color vinyl photos to follow!


I picked the winner of the test pressing, and three record winners!!! Winners have been notified by e-mail! I will run a similiar drawing for Powercup / Pizzahifive split 10" / cassette!!! Don't send entries until I announce it tho.

Blasting The Wasteland is compiled. I have to finish layout and typesetting stuff, but it should be available in a week or two. Ltd to 100 Bovine copies in a DVD box. Unlimited cd-r copies from bands in a slightly different package.

Pizzahifive / Powercup 10" is all recorded. Furious grind on both sides!!! Have to sell some guitars and bikes on tha' ebay to get money for mastering + pressing. Have enough co-pressers for this, tho still looking for overseas co-pressing.

Osk has their side of Osk / The Parish split LP recorded; Parish is working on recordings now.

Cogs And Sprockets is done with his recording of the split tape with zombie handsomE. I should get my noise finished up this week. Covers are pretty much done, so this will come out fast once I get another 2 minutes of grind-noise-electro that I like finished!!!

Record pics tomorrow. Should post more regular in the future as well!

Closing it down?

Haha, just the stoopid PO Box in Wisc. Rapids. Don't get enough mail to pay rent on that sucker.

Please e-mail me for orders or questions. E-mail address in header.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Test Pressings for Neon Hole / Suffering Mind 7"!

Test pressings are in and they sound great! Prairie Cat Mastering did a loud hawt job with both sides!

There's still time to get your name in for the FREE TEST PRESS drawing too. Names will be drawn the day the records are done! See previous blog post.

Crazy record collectors can buy one as well. I have two available for purchase, $25 ppd each, $30 overseas, one per crazy record collector, total edition of 15. They will have hand cut/ hand scored/ hand drawn/ heavy covers with pretty fall leaves glued to them.


Next up;

Cogs & Sprockets / zombie handsomE split C10 and download on the way. Should get them done in May yet! The tape will be a split release with Riddle of Steel, and prob one more tape label.

Blasting The Wasteland will get finished up this weekend! I'm hoping to get stamping started before Hellfest next weekend, but it might be the week after... Just getting warm enough to hang covers to dry.

Following the Suffering Mind / Neon Hole split 7" will be a Powercup / Pizzahifive split 10"/ cassette! Raw Canadian renovation grind meets blistering Ohio blastgrind. Both bands touring in August! Record + tapes will be ready for tour. This will be another co pressed release, with PanDelMeurte and Haunted Hotel records probably on board already. Looking for co-pressers on this, and...

Late summer-early fall will see the release of an Osk / The Parish split LP! Osk is recording their side at The Hive, where the material for all their awesome splits was recorded... Modern grind for the modern mind, Osk kicks out some badass powerviolence-tinged rage. The Parish side is already recorded, and it is some furious, thunderous doom-crust!!! (or is that death-doom-crust-sludgecore... wha?)

Yay. Spring + Sunlight is here.
Cheers & Beers,
Bovine Records Head Cheese

Monday, April 18, 2011


e-mail me a msg with 'FREE TEST PRESS DRAWING' in the subject line + your name and address in the body of the message, and you'll be entered to win a test pressing of the Suffering Mind / Neon Hole split 7"!

One lucky person (or maybe two if I get a ton of responses) will get test pressing of the record and a copy of the record in their choice of vinyl color.

bovinerecs [AT-at walker] yahoo [DOT] com

The record is coming along very nicely. Prairie Cat said the mastering turned out loud, test pressings should be to me late this week or very early next. All of the co pressers have checked in 'cept one, so nothing will slow down the release except pressing time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We have a nice dose of noisecore for your hump day pleasure.

Link below has ep in player, and you can download MP3, covers + insert for free.

Thanks to Will from Bullshit Propaganda for the noisecore ep!

Check back later this week for Suffering Mind / Neon Hole 7" test pressing drawing!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Neon Hole on tour TODAY

Appleton's Neon Hole are hitting the road, they play Chicago tonite! The rest of the tour dates are on the Neon Hole facebook page; Go see them if they're playing near you!!! Buy GRP an extra large whiskey + coke (something other than Jim Beam, cuz he's going to be tired of that by tour's end), tell Sam or Fitz they have pretty hair, or introduce Josh to your sexy single lady friends.

Chicago Illinios-Crown Liquers- with Black Goat and others
3/19-Lima Ohio-The Leathershop-Vicious Grave, Don't Budge, Mighty Morphin' MethHeads
3/20-Philly-Dad's House-with Amputee, Dethroned Emperor(Total Grind Sunday Matinee)
3/22-Baltimore MD, at the Bellfoundry, Delay, New Creases, Puberty Wounds, Scum Again,
3/23-Athens GA-Kings Club-with Gripe and TBA
3/25-Knoxville TN-at a house if you want the addy message us
3/26-Dayton, OH-with DMA, Mortar, Chronic Demise
3/27-Fort Wayne IN

I just got the Neon Hole recordings for the CD-r comp and the split 7" with Suffering Mind before they left for tour. The recordings sound awesome, really capture GRP's wall o' bass while still having killer sounding guitar, drums and vocals! The split 7" will go to mastering a day or two after they get back from tour. Crucifados Rec's from Germany got the last of the co pressing, so the record will also be available from a good label-mailorder in Europe.

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Suffering Mind, Neon Hole and the labels co pressing this record. I couldn't have released this by myself, and words can't express how much doing this record means to me.


Blasting The Wasteland update

Comp tracks for this mega CD-r are coming in, a lot of really excellent material from all the bands. Should have the last of the songs by month's end, so early-mid April release is still looking good. I should get a short sampler of this posted on bandcamp before release.


Co pressing

The Neon Hole / Unholy Grave repressings on red vinyl with red covers are back from the pressing plant, GRP got me one of those with the new Neon Hole recordings and the comp track from The Parish. If you see Neon Hole on tour, they'll have copies! They should be available again from Give Praise Records mailorder too.

Archagathus / Onanizer split 7" on PanDelMeurte is waiting on label art. The Onanizer recordings for it are faster and shorter than previous stuff I've heard from them. I think the recordings were done the same place Lycanthropy records too... Excellent recording quality.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Noisecore Monday

Finished up some noisecorelectrogrind stuff for a comp (Dave-Disleksick + Nick-Powercup's 'Unlimited + Dumb, Vol. 2'). Project is called Zombie HandsomE. 2min ep, 6 tracks, nicely formatted MP3 folder w/ jpg cover art. Download here:

I've got two more 'e.p.' length Zombie HandsomE releases I'm working on. Next one will be posted here on a Noisecore Monday. The 2nd will probably be released as a free digital download on GrindcoreKaraoke.

Going to try to do a 'Noisecore Monday' a few times a month, hopefully hitting once a week or more... And from the Tuesday post, maybe not always on Mondays. Yer ears will either love you or hate you.

Blasting The Wasteland is coming along, a lot of bands recording and mixing currently and in the next couple weeks. Still hoping to make the end of March with this release.

Both co pressings are at mastering or pressing, both should be on release date.

Give Praise Records and Bovine are going to start doing some CafePress t-shirts in the near future. If anyone has any experience printing on their 'budget tees', please drop a comment and let me know how the quality is. There will be both label and band designs, with minimal markup.


BO104 Disleksick / Deche-Charge split 7"
(Coffin Crawl release; Bovine co-pressing with eight or nine other labels!!!)
Disleksick kicks out 6:36 of their brand o' Canadianoisecore! Deche-Charge side has 244 titled songs!
Limited to 100 yellow, 300 black.
I will have very few of these, may not even get to list them for mailorder...

BO105 Neon Hole / Suffering Mind split 7"
(Bovine release; Bullshit Propaganda, PanDelMuerte, Coffee Grinder (CAN), Give Praise, and Halo of Flies all co-pressing!)
WI's Neon Hole kicks out three blasts of crushing sludge-grind, and Poland's Suffering Mind slays with four tracks of blistering grindcore!!!
Bovine's first vinyl release in a long long time. pressing of @750, 150 on clear, 250 each of mostly white and mostly blue, with a bunch of random swirled clear-blue and blue-white to boot. Full color covers. Should go to mastering in March, should be April or May release. When I have cover art + all the info, I'll put up a full post w/ DL sample.