Wednesday, June 29, 2011

-NEW- RECORDS FOR SALE! and one old one.

Suffering Mind / Neon Hole split 7" - choose from clear (ed of 150), clear + blue (ed of 300), or blue mix (ed of 300). #BO105, Bovine Records release. Suffering Mind cranks out four tracks of blistering top-notch grind, and Neon Hole weighs in with two tracks of completely crushing doom-grinding fury.

Archagathus / Onanizer split 7" - dark swirl vinyl. #BO103, PanDelMuerte release, Bovine co-press. Arch carves out 3 more tracks of their trademark RAW MINCE, while Onanizer spews forth 7 blasting grinds on the flip.

Neon Hole / Unholy Grave split 7" - red+white vinyl repress with cloth covers. #BO102, Beer Demon release, Bovine co-press. Neon Hole's first release, repressed with awesome packaging and a diff color cover + vinyl. Japan's Unholy Grave grinds the flipside. LIMITED REPRESS. Get yours now. (no wholesale on this one...)

Thug / Greenmachine split 7" - some blue vinyl and grey vinyl copies left, otherwise black when the color runs out. #BO44, new old stock I still have a bunch of. Thug is my old band, 3 tracks of pulverizing grind-noise-violence, and Greenmachine is killer Japanese stoner-doom-sludge with 3 tracks on the flip.


7" records are $6 ppd for one 7" in USA.
$11 for any 2 7"s, ppd in USA.
$15 for any three (+$5 for each additional), pdd in USA.

Paypal, money order or conceal ca$h. E-mail for orders or wholesale or questions.

Overseas orders = $5 per 7", plus shipping method/ cost of your choice.

Cover + color vinyl photos to follow!


I picked the winner of the test pressing, and three record winners!!! Winners have been notified by e-mail! I will run a similiar drawing for Powercup / Pizzahifive split 10" / cassette!!! Don't send entries until I announce it tho.

Blasting The Wasteland is compiled. I have to finish layout and typesetting stuff, but it should be available in a week or two. Ltd to 100 Bovine copies in a DVD box. Unlimited cd-r copies from bands in a slightly different package.

Pizzahifive / Powercup 10" is all recorded. Furious grind on both sides!!! Have to sell some guitars and bikes on tha' ebay to get money for mastering + pressing. Have enough co-pressers for this, tho still looking for overseas co-pressing.

Osk has their side of Osk / The Parish split LP recorded; Parish is working on recordings now.

Cogs And Sprockets is done with his recording of the split tape with zombie handsomE. I should get my noise finished up this week. Covers are pretty much done, so this will come out fast once I get another 2 minutes of grind-noise-electro that I like finished!!!

Record pics tomorrow. Should post more regular in the future as well!


  1. Hi Sean, just wondering if you've been receiving my emails?

  2. Thug was great and never received the okeedoker they deserved. Played a fine, fine set in Madison with Assuck on the bill.
    -Recalcitrant Noise

  3. yo sean its haroldo of catheter. you still interested in pressing our LP? I got a dude who will throw in 500 bucks to make it cheaper write me at

  4. Hey, I met you years ago in Stevens Point. Like about 1987. Do you have any music from your Road To Ruin Records days somewhere? I would particularly like to get Ted Crypt of Ted as my old tape has long since disintegrated.