Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Noisecore Monday

Finished up some noisecorelectrogrind stuff for a comp (Dave-Disleksick + Nick-Powercup's 'Unlimited + Dumb, Vol. 2'). Project is called Zombie HandsomE. 2min ep, 6 tracks, nicely formatted MP3 folder w/ jpg cover art. Download here:


I've got two more 'e.p.' length Zombie HandsomE releases I'm working on. Next one will be posted here on a Noisecore Monday. The 2nd will probably be released as a free digital download on GrindcoreKaraoke.

Going to try to do a 'Noisecore Monday' a few times a month, hopefully hitting once a week or more... And from the Tuesday post, maybe not always on Mondays. Yer ears will either love you or hate you.

Blasting The Wasteland is coming along, a lot of bands recording and mixing currently and in the next couple weeks. Still hoping to make the end of March with this release.

Both co pressings are at mastering or pressing, both should be on release date.

Give Praise Records and Bovine are going to start doing some CafePress t-shirts in the near future. If anyone has any experience printing on their 'budget tees', please drop a comment and let me know how the quality is. There will be both label and band designs, with minimal markup.


BO104 Disleksick / Deche-Charge split 7"
(Coffin Crawl release; Bovine co-pressing with eight or nine other labels!!!)
Disleksick kicks out 6:36 of their brand o' Canadianoisecore! Deche-Charge side has 244 titled songs!
Limited to 100 yellow, 300 black.
I will have very few of these, may not even get to list them for mailorder...

BO105 Neon Hole / Suffering Mind split 7"
(Bovine release; Bullshit Propaganda, PanDelMuerte, Coffee Grinder (CAN), Give Praise, and Halo of Flies all co-pressing!)
WI's Neon Hole kicks out three blasts of crushing sludge-grind, and Poland's Suffering Mind slays with four tracks of blistering grindcore!!!
Bovine's first vinyl release in a long long time. pressing of @750, 150 on clear, 250 each of mostly white and mostly blue, with a bunch of random swirled clear-blue and blue-white to boot. Full color covers. Should go to mastering in March, should be April or May release. When I have cover art + all the info, I'll put up a full post w/ DL sample.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New old Bovine recs for sale!

Pulled + posted some old minty Bovine Records for sale. Help build up the new record fund and fill the holes in your collection with the most minty unplayed Bovine recs on the planet!

Bovine Records sale thread!

Two more vinyl releases added in the past week... One co-press, and Bovine's first vinyl release in over a decade! Will post update this week when all the details are squared away.

PanDelMuerte's Archagathus / Onanizer split 7" is about to go to mastering. The Onanizer tracks are short + brutal and very well recorded...

Material is slowly coming in for Blasting The Wasteland comp...

In the meantime, buy some old records or tell your friends to buy some old records!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Upcoming releases + co pressing

Look, a real blog post! INFOS!!!

Here are the first couple releases in the works right now.

BO101 Blasting the Wasteland CD-R comp
DIY CD-r comp with Neon Hole, Hookerspitwindex, OSK, Choose Your Poison, Powercup, The Parish, Sixbrewbantha, Cyclone Enforcer, Ustat, Mellow Harsher, Disleksick, Soil of Ignorance, Gowl, Oiltanker, Spewtilator, Drainland, Hexis and Shatter It All.

18 blasting bands on a maximum length CD-r! Stamped and #'d edition of 100 CD-r's from Bovine, inexpensive unlimited edition CD-r copies from all the bands on tour or at shows this year, $1 MP3 downloads on bandcamp.

Buy a CD-r from one of the bands on tour!!! Give them enough for a gallon of gas!!! Help these bands blast the wastelands!!!

Release date: @ March 30, 2011

BO102 Neon Hole / Unholy Grave split 7"
(co-repress with Neon Hole + Give Praise + Bovine)

Limited repress for mailorder and Neon Hole's spring 2011 tour. Neon Hole snailspace page
Release date: March 2011. I think Give Praise still has mailorder copies of 1st press?

BO103 Archagathus / Onanizer split 7"
(PanDelMuerte release, co-pr w/ Bovine + Coffee Grinder (CAN))

Canadian mince meets Czech grind. Check here for cover + info + Good Beer for Canadians!

Release date: March 2011.

Bovine 'first' vinyl release will be a split LP with Neon Hole and a TBD band. Hoping for a monstrous band of European grindmasters to step up!

Several other releases in the hammering-out-details phase.

Bovine is looking for a few reliable labels of good reputation to co press vinyl releases. E-mail me at bovinerecs [AT-at walker] [YAHOO i'm a cowboy] [DOT] [COMmander of the fortress of evil!].