Friday, February 11, 2011

New old Bovine recs for sale!

Pulled + posted some old minty Bovine Records for sale. Help build up the new record fund and fill the holes in your collection with the most minty unplayed Bovine recs on the planet!

Bovine Records sale thread!

Two more vinyl releases added in the past week... One co-press, and Bovine's first vinyl release in over a decade! Will post update this week when all the details are squared away.

PanDelMuerte's Archagathus / Onanizer split 7" is about to go to mastering. The Onanizer tracks are short + brutal and very well recorded...

Material is slowly coming in for Blasting The Wasteland comp...

In the meantime, buy some old records or tell your friends to buy some old records!!!


  1. wow, i had forgotten YOU were the one that did that blue 7"

    you know who i am

    from a LONG LONG time ago

    i live in madison now - ha!

  2. still have most of those!
    young folks, get on board and buy some classic monster music.

  3. I'm looking for the Double Boar 7". I broke mine a few days ago. It's so sad. If someone can give me information or help me find it..

    Ps: Is that Pachinko 7" still available?