Friday, May 6, 2011

Test Pressings for Neon Hole / Suffering Mind 7"!

Test pressings are in and they sound great! Prairie Cat Mastering did a loud hawt job with both sides!

There's still time to get your name in for the FREE TEST PRESS drawing too. Names will be drawn the day the records are done! See previous blog post.

Crazy record collectors can buy one as well. I have two available for purchase, $25 ppd each, $30 overseas, one per crazy record collector, total edition of 15. They will have hand cut/ hand scored/ hand drawn/ heavy covers with pretty fall leaves glued to them.


Next up;

Cogs & Sprockets / zombie handsomE split C10 and download on the way. Should get them done in May yet! The tape will be a split release with Riddle of Steel, and prob one more tape label.

Blasting The Wasteland will get finished up this weekend! I'm hoping to get stamping started before Hellfest next weekend, but it might be the week after... Just getting warm enough to hang covers to dry.

Following the Suffering Mind / Neon Hole split 7" will be a Powercup / Pizzahifive split 10"/ cassette! Raw Canadian renovation grind meets blistering Ohio blastgrind. Both bands touring in August! Record + tapes will be ready for tour. This will be another co pressed release, with PanDelMeurte and Haunted Hotel records probably on board already. Looking for co-pressers on this, and...

Late summer-early fall will see the release of an Osk / The Parish split LP! Osk is recording their side at The Hive, where the material for all their awesome splits was recorded... Modern grind for the modern mind, Osk kicks out some badass powerviolence-tinged rage. The Parish side is already recorded, and it is some furious, thunderous doom-crust!!! (or is that death-doom-crust-sludgecore... wha?)

Yay. Spring + Sunlight is here.
Cheers & Beers,
Bovine Records Head Cheese


  1. whoo whee! Big things happening for Bovine this summer, looks like a bright future!

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