Friday, March 18, 2011

Neon Hole on tour TODAY

Appleton's Neon Hole are hitting the road, they play Chicago tonite! The rest of the tour dates are on the Neon Hole facebook page; Go see them if they're playing near you!!! Buy GRP an extra large whiskey + coke (something other than Jim Beam, cuz he's going to be tired of that by tour's end), tell Sam or Fitz they have pretty hair, or introduce Josh to your sexy single lady friends.

Chicago Illinios-Crown Liquers- with Black Goat and others
3/19-Lima Ohio-The Leathershop-Vicious Grave, Don't Budge, Mighty Morphin' MethHeads
3/20-Philly-Dad's House-with Amputee, Dethroned Emperor(Total Grind Sunday Matinee)
3/22-Baltimore MD, at the Bellfoundry, Delay, New Creases, Puberty Wounds, Scum Again,
3/23-Athens GA-Kings Club-with Gripe and TBA
3/25-Knoxville TN-at a house if you want the addy message us
3/26-Dayton, OH-with DMA, Mortar, Chronic Demise
3/27-Fort Wayne IN

I just got the Neon Hole recordings for the CD-r comp and the split 7" with Suffering Mind before they left for tour. The recordings sound awesome, really capture GRP's wall o' bass while still having killer sounding guitar, drums and vocals! The split 7" will go to mastering a day or two after they get back from tour. Crucifados Rec's from Germany got the last of the co pressing, so the record will also be available from a good label-mailorder in Europe.

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Suffering Mind, Neon Hole and the labels co pressing this record. I couldn't have released this by myself, and words can't express how much doing this record means to me.


Blasting The Wasteland update

Comp tracks for this mega CD-r are coming in, a lot of really excellent material from all the bands. Should have the last of the songs by month's end, so early-mid April release is still looking good. I should get a short sampler of this posted on bandcamp before release.


Co pressing

The Neon Hole / Unholy Grave repressings on red vinyl with red covers are back from the pressing plant, GRP got me one of those with the new Neon Hole recordings and the comp track from The Parish. If you see Neon Hole on tour, they'll have copies! They should be available again from Give Praise Records mailorder too.

Archagathus / Onanizer split 7" on PanDelMeurte is waiting on label art. The Onanizer recordings for it are faster and shorter than previous stuff I've heard from them. I think the recordings were done the same place Lycanthropy records too... Excellent recording quality.

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