Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Customer Service RULES.

Wooo. First blog post. I r interwebbing.

Mostly unrelated to any label news, Toontrack's customer support is awesome. I bought EZ Drummer in 2010 to do some compugrind, and finally got around to getting their blastbeats pack @ the holidaze. A friend put it on her credit card, and while getting the pack swapped to my account, they made a tiny mistake and deleted my account. Couple minutes to fix the error on my end, and they gave me the Death & Thrash pack for my troubles... I wish everyone had customer service like Toontrack. Actual humans on the other end of the e-mail, very quick replies... I don't even have Reaper figured out and their rep rushed to make sure my minor problem was resolved. Impressed.

Myspace, on the other hand; not impressed. Does anyone like the My_______ crappy webdesign? I can't think of a worse bunch of software on the 'net. The only thing I see myspace being good for is a glitchy 'public e-mail' for contacting bands... Wax cylinder time, a smart fellow said.

Bovine has an address (new PO Box) and I'm putting together a big DIY CD-R comp for the first new release in 14 years... And now a blog.


  1. wow! It's really cool to see my fav record label from the 1990s back in action.

    Good luck mate.

  2. Woah!!! While on a recent trip to Madison (moving there this summer), I saw a box of VERY familiar Enemy Soil, DBE, and Suppression stickers. I immediately had a flashback to all the awesome records I bought from you (and still have [and still enjoy!])!

    I am pretty stoked your are back in action!


    PS: glad you are still using that same font.